Sunday, July 31, 2011

"ISI" The Great!

In recent times, the intelligence agency of Pakistan also known as the ISI (Inter Services Of Intelligence) has been under a lot of critisizement by the international media mainly because of its role in the “war on terror” which by many American national conventionalists is being regarded as duplicitous.

The depiction of ISI being portrayed by the international news agencies has surely raised certain question marks over its credibility and effectiveness. The ISI’s most imperative duty in this conflict is to maintain Pakistan’s influence across the border in Afghanistan so that our so called very peaceful neighbors I mean India does not get a strong hold over Afghan region and for that purpose our intelligence agency has to support certain illegal militias in order to keep its influence alive across the border.If you regard this act erroneous then I might let you know that this is what the intelligence agencies all over the world do. ISI is trying to keep Pakistan’s influence alive in the geo-strategic politics with in this region because as long as Pakistan keeps its authority with in this constituency it will continue to exist.

If the very popular “Newyork Times” calls out at ISI blaming it for playing a double game in the region then why doesn’t it blame RA&W(Indian Intelligence Agency) for continuously trying to intervene in Afghan politics and working out deals with the Afghan Intelligence. Why doesn’t it question the ever popular CIA for hauling out proxy wars in various fractions of the world in the past including the “Cold war”? The answer might readily come up that every nation has its own national interests and the agencies have to protect them.

Why ISI then? Are we not cooperating with the American agencies, I believe it’s rather the vice versa. Pakistan’s intelligence agency has surely given more than it is expected from their side and this is what qualms the world. It was due to state’s erroneous verdicts in the late 2004 which led to their strategic defeat in Afghanistan while the west censures ISI for it.

As compatriots we all must believe in our security forces rather than accusing them and their steadfastness without any proper justifications.

Pakistan Zindabad!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Pak-US relations have touched rock bottom like never before in the history. The situation is a complete mess at the moment. It is now being asserted by many analysts as well as by the dialogue of top notch US officials that Pakistan will no more be a part of the “Afghan Reconciliation Process” in upcoming future and its indications are quite visible by now.

The question here is why? Why United States is ramming Pakistan out? The fault is mainly ours. After the departure of Musharraf’s government, the present government has not been able to live up to the expectations of neither its public nor states. Secondly the way our military institutions have been exposed by the international media has surely made many people from our military establishment dejected and ISPR’s recent statement over Newyork time’s propaganda against Pakistan’s security agencies and a cut in our military aid has surely created a huge gap between the bilateral relations of both the countries. Thirdly and most importantly the usage diplomatic doors has minimized to a great extent after Qureshi’s departure which I believe is a major concern as our neighborhood is quite popular for using its diplomacy in the best possible way internationally.

What we are seeking now is an alternative. China will be asked to jump in to keep US aware that we are not completely a US-dependent state unlike Egypt and others. President Zardari will work through his contacts to get Russia into play but that’s not going to happen as Russians have to worry about US operations in Central Asian states now and Iran has middle east to look into.

I sincerely hope that Pasha’s visit to US cools things down so that we can focus more on what imposes a greater threat to our sovereignty i.e Terrorism and religious fundamentalism.

The only point which scares me off now is the fact that now even Karzai is showing eyes/balls! to Pakistan and if we don’t take probable actions in bringing things back to normal then who knows may be India replaces us in the “Afghan reconciliation process”!

Pakistan Zindabad!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Vacations are here!!! Finally something to cheer for!

I'm already busy in preparing my long and everlasting sleep schedules and I hope you aren't going to do the same. I'll be trying to keep the "Pumpkin looking" Nawaz sharif, The "Devilish" Zardari And The " Barking " Imran Khan out of this article but who knows "Mush" might come into discussion.

So, what are your plans for this summer? Are you going out some where to promote global tourism or staying here to promote global pollution?=P.. *I know you're already cursing yourself for reading this*

"Khair" my suggestion would be that unlike me, you should go out and do something creative which you have always craved for except all that adultory stuff which can get pretty "creative" at times!

I know quite many of you are passionate photographers so just go grab your camera and get out!! Experience different faces of karachi through your camera lens!

Many of you can be into music aswell ! So what are you waiting for, grab an instrument and make something out of it and who knows I might get to see you on next year's CS(cokestudio)*Abbreviaitions are in fashion* and when I will God forbid get to see you on "CS" I'll curse myself for giving you such an advice!

Lets get on to cooking! Few of you must be into it or whatever! As if I care! The thing is learn to cook good these summers PLEASE! There are many lives at stake already...thanks to taliban & co!

Few of you would be like me who are good for nothing! "My Peeps" get your bed and pillow right and have a good sleep these vacations!

What else are vacations for?=/ Do whatever you want!

Happy Holidays Everyone!=)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pakistan First.

Pakistan is going through the worst of its times. A fact that we all must accept as being realists. The killing of Bin Ladin and several attacks on Pakistan Naval forces including the recent attack over PNS Mehran Base, Karachi has surely raised lots of questions over this country’s security and armed forces. I won’t be going into the details of the attacks as I believe those talk shows coming on our TV channels should be more than enough to fulfill your desires for listening to the conspiracy theories related to the attacks.

My focus is the bigger picture! Where do we stand today after all these sufferings? I believe we are definitely on the wrong ends at the moment. Our national integrity is on stake and somehow we are responsible for it. The international media is raising some serious concerns over country’s national security and military capabilities. We have to answer the world!

The thing which again pinches me is that how can we answer the world when we ourselves are unaware of the hypocritical attitude that many people possess within our leadership and establishment. We all know quite well that there is somehow a soft corner for these militant groups among few within our armed forces and country. This attitude has to be sorted out. We have to stand as a nation against these organizations before it is too late. It’s just not about killing terrorists now , we have to change mindsets now in order to survive this wave of religious fundamentalism and fanaticism . Secondly we have to stop the very popular “blame game” and have to focus over taking responsibility of our acts and deeds. Unfortunately we lack these credentials by far the standards that Islam possesses.

We can see Imran khan putting up “Dharnas” over Drone Attacks but we do not see any of these “Dharnas” against the religious extremism prevailing within this country. We can see Nawaz Sharif coming over television and talking over the lack of credibility that this government has but we do not see him condemning such coward attacks made by these terrorist organizations with in our country every day. Many regard Gen Kayani and Pakistan Armed Forces as their heroes but sorry to say after what has happened in Karachi in past few weeks even that ray of hope seems to diminish. We call Zardari sahib a very “refined” politician but as being the President Of Pakistan he has been unable to protect our national sovereignty!

To be honest the situation at the moment depicts as if Pakistan is on sale!

What should be done?

The best way out is to act. Let’s act against this cancer which is spreading throughout our society called “Terrorism”. We just can’t rely on conspiracy theories, we are wrong at certain places.We must accept our blunders and move on for a prospective future rather than seeking in the past for nothing but old school theories. My concern is not President Zardari nor Imran Khan nor The Generals living in DHA schemes , my concern is PAKISTAN. The world has set its eyes over us! Please ACT before …………………

Pakistan Zindabad!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Ladin Departs....Suffering Starts!

Osama Bin Ladin is dead! A news which surely shook everyone of us as soon as we heard of it. The news broke as The President Of The United States Of America came on live on t.v late night(American Standard Time) announcing the death of Bin Ladin in Abbottabad,Pakistan which was later being welcomed by most of the world.

It was the 2nd of May, around 1:00AM(Local time) in Pakistan when two helicopters carrying US marines soldiers landed outside a 10 canal house in Abbotabad and conducted a forty minute operation there and then left with one helicopter being destroyed. After several hours the news broke that Bin Ladin has been killed by special marine forces in Abbotabad, Pakistan and later on we got to know the details of the further casualities.

Now, the question which I have been asked by few is that was it really Bin Ladin who was killed? Or is it all a mere drama? I believe the news is correct, it was Bin Ladin. The reason why I say this is due to the fact that Al Qaeda has confirmed that Osama Bin Ladin has died today and secondly the DNA results have also matched according to the white house correspondant.

The other query which all of us are having is about the role of our government, Intelligence agencies and military establishment! What were they doing? Did Pakistani forces participate in the operation? Was there intelligence sharing in this regard? Or our whole establishment was unaware of the situation?. The answer is Yes! Our TOP government and military establishment was aware of the operation and it somehow intentionally did not jump into the operation in order to avoid retalliation from Al Qaeda militants in future which we now have seen turned out to be the dupest of moves as Al Qaeda will now focus on Pakistan as its top target instead of states, according to their new statement.

What now? Who gets what?

As far as US goes, President Obama finally has something in his bag to stand a chance to win next Presidential elections in states. Furthermore, United states will look to carry out operations in Northern Waziristan and will pressurize Pakistan to let them carry on such tasks.

What about us? I’m afraid to say this but we are trapped. On one hand Al Qaeda has announced a direct warfare against us while on the other hand we will face a definite pressure from States for letting them carry on operations on our grounds. The other situation which further worries me is the trust deficit between both the countries and the fact that India will try to take maximum out of it which we already are witnessing.

All of a sudden we are on the back foot. Pakistan has again got itself into nuisance. The only difference is that this time it can get even worse then what happened after 9/11. We will be directly confronted by quite many forces for harbouring terrorist leaders yet again and groups which US has already mentioned lately and some how we are at war again!

Pakistan nowwould wantminimum damage and this depends upon the activities which take place in Afghanistan and the credibility of the country’ leadership in coming time.

May God bless and protect Pakistan. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Its All Happening AGAIN!!!

PAKISTAN!!! A country jolted by the miltary cue several times in its political history because our so called democratic leaders had better priorities then to serve our nation. The problem in such a scenario is that no one is innocent. When military takes over they say" It was for saving the derailing economy" where as when the political parties get hold of the reigns they just start making promises which never get to the stage of fullfilment!

What now then? The thing that scares me off at the moment is the current scenario which indeed needs some due attention. The government at present has passed its halfway mark and to be honest there has not been anything remarkable in the governance except for keeping MQM intact with the government.

When I see all this, the only question that strikes my mind is about the role of military establishment! Are they upto something this time again?? After listening to Ch.Nisar's(PML-N representative) 90 minutes address to the parliament, I believe YES! The military establishment is working onto something.

A few weeks back, Imran Khan(President, Tehreek-e-insaaf) met Gen.Retd Pervez Musharraf(President,APML) in London and they exchanged souveneirs. This sounded astonishing as we all know very well that Imran Khan stood to be a harsh critique when it came to Musharraf's policies after 9/11!

Why did this happen? I then focus myself to Nisar's address and BINGO!!!

We have seen it in the past that how political parties are being created by the support of ISI and the military establishment to resist the other political parties with in the country. Let it be MQM and PML-N during Zia's reign or PML-Q and MMA during Gen Musharraf's 9 year tenure. These acts surely made our military establishment achieve what they wanted to! Thanks to our to so called "Mastermind"Politicians!

The problem now is "Its All Happening AGAIN"!

Imran's meeting with Musharraf which now stands clear was under military influence and Nisar's statements which had all the anger and anxiety involved over the military intervention within the national politics surely gave many indications of what we can be experiencing in some while.

Pakistan Army doesn't like PPP nor Asif Ali Zardari, we all know it quite well. But we also know that Pakistan Army hates Nawaz Sharif!!( knowing how dumbfounded he can be at times). What does our military establishment seek now? The answer is "IMRAN KHAN"!

According to several credible analysts and the political scenario wih in the country this seems to be the mere possibility. Pakistan's military establishment has finally shook hands with Imran Khan and efforts are being made to give a boom to his political career and who knows maybe Musharraf joins the team too later !

The question most of you would be asking is why Imran? The answer is simple! The youth stands with him and with about 60% youth of the total population prevailing in the country, there could not have been a better option for the military extablishment then to go for Tehreek-e-insaf!

Its all Happening.....AGAIN!

Pakistan Zindabad!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Will The American Show Ever End?

It has been more than half a century since United States Of America has been proclaiming itself a super power in spite of the fact that the country holds the largest amount of debts in the world today. The question that most of us ask is that whether there would be a transition of power? I believe yes!

The rationale that lies behind this point is quite clear. The scenario which is shaping up in the middle east is surely not what States wanted and we could possibly see a complete US wipeout from the middle east very soon. Pakistan’s stance over davis has surely astonished many but we can see it clearly that States is losing its grip. Even history supports the fact that power is not permanent, it has to be transmitted. We have seen that after the Second World War how the vastly expanded British Empire was being brought down to a confined country called United Kingdom.

The statistics clearly depict the fact that there has to be somehow Chinese involvement in most of the American projects. We also know that states has not been able to completely come out of the financial turmoil it went into in 2008, we also know how badly USA has been suffering in carrying out its operations for its war against terrorism. As being told above a sudden revolt in the middle east has surely brought the pentagon to put their minds together and work something out.

Many believe that the middle east crisis is just another American move, it can be true knowing the fact that United States made its greatest defense sales in the middle east in the past few years but again who would pay such a heavy cost in return. The condition in middle east has made one thing quite clear that Israel stands to be a loser(which US would never stand) and Iran stands to be a complete winner. Hence we can rule out the possibility of USA being involved in creating this crisis. But again there is always a roam for conspiracy theories to come into play!

To be honest the equation is not favoring USA this time around and Obama cannot be blamed as this had to come sooner or later but unfortunately for The States it has to come now and we can soon see a new super power taking over the world.

As far as America goes my only suggestion to them is” Get Yourself Ready For The Worst”!