Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pakistan First.

Pakistan is going through the worst of its times. A fact that we all must accept as being realists. The killing of Bin Ladin and several attacks on Pakistan Naval forces including the recent attack over PNS Mehran Base, Karachi has surely raised lots of questions over this country’s security and armed forces. I won’t be going into the details of the attacks as I believe those talk shows coming on our TV channels should be more than enough to fulfill your desires for listening to the conspiracy theories related to the attacks.

My focus is the bigger picture! Where do we stand today after all these sufferings? I believe we are definitely on the wrong ends at the moment. Our national integrity is on stake and somehow we are responsible for it. The international media is raising some serious concerns over country’s national security and military capabilities. We have to answer the world!

The thing which again pinches me is that how can we answer the world when we ourselves are unaware of the hypocritical attitude that many people possess within our leadership and establishment. We all know quite well that there is somehow a soft corner for these militant groups among few within our armed forces and country. This attitude has to be sorted out. We have to stand as a nation against these organizations before it is too late. It’s just not about killing terrorists now , we have to change mindsets now in order to survive this wave of religious fundamentalism and fanaticism . Secondly we have to stop the very popular “blame game” and have to focus over taking responsibility of our acts and deeds. Unfortunately we lack these credentials by far the standards that Islam possesses.

We can see Imran khan putting up “Dharnas” over Drone Attacks but we do not see any of these “Dharnas” against the religious extremism prevailing within this country. We can see Nawaz Sharif coming over television and talking over the lack of credibility that this government has but we do not see him condemning such coward attacks made by these terrorist organizations with in our country every day. Many regard Gen Kayani and Pakistan Armed Forces as their heroes but sorry to say after what has happened in Karachi in past few weeks even that ray of hope seems to diminish. We call Zardari sahib a very “refined” politician but as being the President Of Pakistan he has been unable to protect our national sovereignty!

To be honest the situation at the moment depicts as if Pakistan is on sale!

What should be done?

The best way out is to act. Let’s act against this cancer which is spreading throughout our society called “Terrorism”. We just can’t rely on conspiracy theories, we are wrong at certain places.We must accept our blunders and move on for a prospective future rather than seeking in the past for nothing but old school theories. My concern is not President Zardari nor Imran Khan nor The Generals living in DHA schemes , my concern is PAKISTAN. The world has set its eyes over us! Please ACT before …………………

Pakistan Zindabad!

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