Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The commitment that will last forever!!!!!!!!

The topic speaks for itself. We have entered the month of august according to the calendar followed these days.

The month of august holds a great importance in Pakistan's history, and who can know of it better then us, I mean the Pakistani's.

It was the 14th of this month when a new nation took birth on the world map with the name of Pakistan and astounded everyone. Many critics regarded Pakistan as a failed state and stated that the nation won't be able to survive for a decade.(Such statements are still stated today by anti-pakistani critics).

But against all odds "The nation" has survived. Many leaps and bounds came but we survived and this is where the world looks astonished that how we survived such critical times and the answer to this question is quite clear i.e our belief and commitmment to our motherland which will surely last forever and this particular aspect really worries or I should rather say envies some of our so called friends(friends of Pakistan) and few other nations.

If we sneak back in the history we will find out some great sacrifises, some supreme examples that have turned the tables around for our nation and those prior names have been written in history with golden words.

But i won't be just indulging myself in history. I would be talking about the present aswell. Last evening I was hearing a youngster on radio complaining about the lack of oppurtunities in this nation and I myself felt quite disgraced as a pakistani by the complains and comments made by him for our very dear nation.

Now the answer to that complain which was made by an immatured and confused thought is that there is a conspiracy which is going on against our youth by some Mir Jaffer's within us and also by some foreign powers. Therefore we have to be very carefull with it, we have the potential to achieve what west has not even achieved yet but the issue is the "Direction". We need direction and for that we have to respect our social and culutural values and have to strengthen our religious beliefs to a valuable extent and oppurtunities do not come by and knock at one's doors, you have to make them come to you, oppurtunites are created at first then they are utilized for one's betterment.

This was my message to you all for this years' independence day that just have a strong belief and take that commitment along which you have made to your nation InshaAllah you will achieve great for yourself and for your beloved nation. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!