Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pakistan’s efforts against Taliban ‘successful’: US

WASHINGTON: Acknow-ledging widespread public support behind the Pakistani government’s ongoing military operation in Malakand, White House National Security Adviser James Jones on Wednesday described the country’s effort as “impressively successful”.
This particular statement from our" government officials second home" I mean the white house makes it quite clear that United States of America is happy with the current role of Pakistan in war against terrorism and believes that it is not being betrayed like it was by the former President Musharraf. But the thing that is worrying states are Pakistan's nuclear assets, because if Pakistan sets off to its own policy then we could possibly see the generation of a third world war,which in my perception is looking quite impossible.
But the good news is that America is happy and I think this is the right oppurtunity to get our demands from states as you never know when their mood gets off and they get another dictator in..............................................
PAKISAN ZINDABAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Extremism "Biggest Threat To Pakistan"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pakistan has been one of those third world countries which has suffered alot from a so called thought known as "Extremism". It has also been a major victim of terrorist acts which are being carried out but different extremist groups in the country. Pakistan has been under a so called state of war since the 80's(President Zia-Ul-Haq's reign) and has not been able to come out of it uptil now.
Now here the question stands what are the reasons due to which Pakistan has not been able to clear the dirt(Terrorist groups) from the country.
There could be many reasons for this:
1. Some could say that the policies of States are not helping the cause.
2. Some could the stand taken by the government is not proper or worth being appreciated.
But I won't be playing the "old blaming games" anymore, no matter how we fight them either using our land forces,gunship helicopters or also the very famous drone planes.
We have seen it quite clearly that it is not helping the cause that well.
The only solution in my perception remains that we have to change the mindsets. If we try to analyze things we will find out that the Pakistani society comprises of two groups and both possess very extreme thoughts.One of them are know as liberal and the other are known as extremists or fundamentalists.
There are quite few who can be called moderate in our society. Due to such two different school of thoughts our society is unbalanced and one takes quite a long time to get him/her self in this westo-eastern society.
Now coming upto the major issue"Extremism".What is extremism?It is a perception or a thought which a person possesses in which he remains quite extreme with his approach,ideas and philosophy.
Why extremism is the biggest threat to Pakistan? The reason stands quite clear,now adays extremism is regarded as that school of thought which is inclined towards religion more then a normal person in the society and these extreme mindsets also lead to certain disasters because they are not able to interpret the religion in a positive manner due to which they become unable to take the world and the religion along,this whole situation unbalances their thought, therefore they try to express it and as they do not possess sich positive approach therefore they take wrong cuts to express themselves which leads to certain mega disasters which one cannot even think of and that is what is going to happen in Pakistan if the mindsets of these people are not changed because the pressure has exceeded the limits and the pressure cooker(extreme approach) will soon burst which will turn the whole country into a place equal to that of hell.
Therefore we have to move on with a positive approach and have to change the mindsets of the people who possess extreme approaches instead of sitting at home and hoping for a miracle or waiting for a new musharraf to come.

PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!