Monday, January 31, 2011

Where is Pakistan Heading Over Davis?

The issue which has surely caught the local media's headlines is that of Raymond Davis's(A US diplomat as per being told by the states department) act of killing two people in lahore.
I wont be trying to create any sentimental dilemma here but would rather be substantiating facts so that we reach up to a more logical conclusion.
Firstly taking a quick sneak back of what really happened! According to our media and other authentic sources it is being confirmed that the so called US diplomat fired at the men for self defense as they tried to raid him on motorcycle as he was in his car.
Now the situation at hand is that Mr.Davis is under police custody whereas the government of United States demands his immediate freedom.
Now speaking of the picture at hand on what basis does American government demands Davis's freedom? "Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations", an international law which clearly states under its article 29 that diplomats must not be liable to any form of arrest or detention. They are immune from civil or criminal prosecution. Hence with the international law's proceedings its quite clear that Davis shouldn't be under captivation and that is what the State's government demands.
On the other hand if being caught the diplomat can only be released once the the foreign office issues his/her immune certificate and if it does not then the foreign representative may have to face legal action but even in that case Davis will find an easy way out on the basis of "Self Defense" but the proceedings can take time.
The question that arises here is why our foreign office is not taking a suitable action to the cause. The reason is that once if they do release the foreign diplomat it would bring the government nothing else then hatred from the local public which it has already been carrying during its three year tenure and if they don't release davis and carry on with the court proceedings as being said by our President then we can surely expect something worst in return from States.
Hence after looking through all these facts and available options I would only suggest that the government should try to develop some understanding with its fellow strategic partner(USA) to give them a short period of time so that the public impact to the issue cools down and then that they could release the foreign diplomat!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Why? Why do we defend those nutty horrible creatures who call themselves TTP( Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan) ? Imposing your perception onto others is not what Islam has taught us! We as Muslims have become hopeless!
Only few of us make somehow a better logic out of Islam but what else , they are rather being assassinated or are being threatened by these large bearded animals.
Javed Ghamidi, a very legitimate and renowned Islamic scholar was being forced to leave Pakistan few months ago due to the continous threats being received to him by these illiterate men who consider themselves the "Pioneers of Islam".
These cowards who think that they are doing Jihad on the name of Islam are rather creating a whole mess out of Islamic teachings! I am not a decision taker here but again I know that God wont be happy with people who killed humanity just for the fact that they had a different opinion! Let it be Taseer, let it be you, let it be me, let it be Ghamidi! Whatever opinion they hold, we don't have a right to exterminate them just on such irrational basis.
Then again when musharraf went to clean this dirt out of our country, he was hugely being criticized for it. The fact is we don't want to face the core realties or rather we are too scared if it! But one day it has to be faced so why getting it delayed? Why do we stand despair?
We have to understand that Pakistan has suffered a lot on the name of Islam and politics on the name of this mere religion by our delicate politicians!
Where are we heading? A dead end where there is no way back! Lets just think for once please!
We have taken a lot from our country, its the right time that we pay it back, Pakistan needs us..Yes it does! Lets show those fierce animals out there that no matter how much they try we wont let them succeed. Islam has suffered and so has Pakistan! Lets be united for this once!
Pakistan Paindabad!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year...Reviving Hopes!!(Jeet Humara Mustuqbil Hai)

So 2011 finally arrives, A lot is expected to happen this year let it be US foreign Policy and its impacts worldwide, the financial status of the world, militancy and its future, would wiki "leak" more or would CIA bring a stop to it!...Only time will tell that what has been decided behind those locked doors..
As mostly I will be keeping my focus over Pakistan's up comings in my editorial. I was skimming through a newspaper early morning and found out some predictions being made regarding this year's political activities in Pakistan by our very own astrologers, it made me laugh for awhile that what are they trying to predict whether maulana saahib would get along the present government, I guess we forgot how good a politician our President is, if he can make people living in London speak in his favor then maulana saahib wont be a tough job...
Pakistan's future, something which concerns us more then the Nawaz Sharif's long march plans cannot be predicted much, when we look at the current scenario we feel a bit hopeless about it but when we look at the statistics i.e 57% of our population is youth we say the hope is there for this nation to make it through. Looking things through an optimist's perspective I believe the potential is there to take this nation through, This decade which has just passed stood to be the most crucial one for not only the world but mostly for states like "Pakistan". I just can't count how many times did the internationally acclaimed authors or political analysts claimed that Pakistan will go bankrupt and the nation will be a "Default" state in all these times...Can you?
The point is that things aren't as worst as we make them look to be, there is a lot left...a lot left to happen , Pakistan is just not any residue state like those in Africa or those around us, the world has its eye over you people, questions are being raised over the existence of us being a nation !!!
But all those curiosities and questionings have been rightly answered by us, even after facing massive calamities we still exist and yes we will...We just have to keep that ray of hope alive with in us. I know that it has been a tough ride but somehow we are getting through it, the spirit needs to be the same... the world is ours ...we just have to be patient.
Jeet Humara Mustuqbil Hai......Pakistan Zindabad!