Thursday, August 12, 2010

Essence Of Individuality (Independence Day Message)

The word "individuality" holds very deep meanings within itself. The basic connotation to this word is the "distinctive character" of a person which distinguishes him from another person.

It has been 63 years to our independence and somewhat a struggle for survival . I know we have lost a lot in these years but why looking at the darker side of the picture?? One thing that we forget every time is that we saw, we realized and we learned from all what has happened since Pakistan took birth.The only thing needed is the implementation and it can be easily done once we all realize the "Essence Of Individuality", the strength we hold as an individual with in ourselves.

The concept of "Khudi" laid down by Iqbal clearly visualizes what we are capable of as being an individual. How beautifully he has depicted the potency of an individual through his words....
Khudi ko ker bulund itna,
Ke hur tuqdeer se pehle,
Khuda bunde se khud puche,
Bataa teri raza kya hai.

The war of 1965 against India is an apparent evident to it. We lacked in force and resources but we had that belief with in ourselves ,the sense of individualism that existed inside us proved all the odds wrong and yes we stood victorious.

We have a faction of examples put down by our own heroes in this regard.Let it be The great Quaid-E-Azam himself, Iqbal, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan or the lights of the Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas and Major Aziz Bhatti. These male protagonists believed in themselves and in their fate and therefore they proved to be the better ones with their epic acts.

The belief that we lost in ourselves has to be regained and with hefty of examples mentioned above we all know that its possible.We are the tomorrow of this nation. The time is right...the moment is here....Pakistan needs us...Lets stand up and make our motherland proud of us.
Pakistan Zindabad.