Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The "K" Factor!

The caption speaks for itself. I have been working on the most commonly used term of 21st century i.e terrorism and have surely come upto certain conclusions regarding it. I under few more articles will be presenting those outcomes that I have extracted from the research I have made.

Now moving directly over today's topic The "K" factor. When I related this title to terrorism the first thing that struck my mind was Kazakistan and other central asian states as they have played a major role in exploiting these wild elements, but i wont be attacking the kazaks or uzbekis here.

There stands to be another group in Muslims known as Kharijites. I hope many of you would be aware of this term incase not then Kharijites is being regarded as that schismatist in Islam who were majorly involved in creating disputes between Hazrat Ali(A.S) and Hazrat Muawwiya(R.A), for which Muslim community still suffers. Kharijites do not accept the enitity of other Muslim sects and clearly regard them as Kaafirs ad consider their belief as the only sacred belief to Allah.

Taking the above scenario in mind if we look at the mindset of Tehrik-e-Taliban and its splinters functioning in Pakistan we will find out that they carry a very similar mindset. They do not support any sect let it be shiai-sm or sunni-ism. They have their own beliefs ands faiths which uptil now have proved quite disturbing and mind boggling for the rest of the society persisting in Pakistan. We have seen that what has happened in Swat even when nizaam-e-udul( Ordinance for peace) was being implemented there, we are still looking at what is happening in Southern Punjab and Waziristan, blood is being shed ruthlessly and humanity is suffering on a whole.

I think the current scheme of Talibans in Pakistan somehow holds vast interests over khariji ideology, as somehow these militants have declared a war over the Muslim Ummah, which was being done earlier in the history during Salahuddin's era when he had to fight the battle against the crusaders and these kharijites too at the same time.

The picture that worries me more is that this particular "k" factor is being funded and encouraged by some key intelligence agencies for their own interests which has and will be causing more and more problems if proper and firm steps are not being taken by the present government against it.

Pakistan Zindabad.