Thursday, November 18, 2010

Remembering Musharraf....

It has almost been two years since I mainly focused on the former President Of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf in my articles. But the recent header over News week's upcoming Pakistan issue " Don't Mess With Pakistan" some how urged me to right over him.

Musharraf recently gave an interview to an internationally acclaimed magazine news week which will be published later this month in which he warned the anti Pakistan elements to stop working over conspiracies against the nation or else Pakistan will make them suffer!!!

Musharraf has been hugely criticized by many news analysts and politicians in Pakistan for the fact that he made Pakistan step into west's war over terrorism which now indeed has turned out to be our war .

The former President was under the spotlight during his 9-year period in office. Many regard his period as a revolution in Pakistan’s political and economic history while certain faction believes that what we are experiencing today was being sowed during his times.

I have been a keen supporter to Musharraf’s policies and his deep concerns over Pakistan’s global position. The Retd General is currently heading a political party with the name of “ All Pakistan Muslim League” with an ambission to bring prosperity to Pakistan.

In his recent interview to the News week he looked quite aggressive with his approach regarding Pakistan’s sovereignty. He notified the fact that Pakistan has the potential to overcome any crisis it is facing or may face in upcoming future.

I believe a libertarian like Musharraf holds the potential to change things around for Pakistan. He has done it before that’s why the local religious extremists do not like him much neither do the national political parties.

I found Musharraf different because he thinks “Pakistan comes first” unlike others who do shout out loud that “Pakistan Khappay” but they never mean it.

Musharraf did bring a lot of hope to Pakistan in his era and I believe that’s a great achievement for a leader.

Hence being someone who wants Musharraf back in this system I would just say that we truly miss you sir. May God bless you.

Pakistan Paindabad!!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crucial Times...

The nation is going through turbulent times. Pakistan is living on the edge these days. Let it be India's immoral motives against Pakistan ,the international pressure over different issues, Flood victims rehabilitation process, downsizing economy or the recent bombings in karachi and other major cities of the country, Pakistan is suffering...badly.
Recent analysis show that these are one of the most difficult times that Pakistan has ever faced in its history. But the point in case here is that Pakistan has been through such times before. The war of 65 and 71, conditions after the nuclear launch or 9/11 or even the external pressures, the nation did survive and it prospered.
US President's recent business trip to India was being regarded as not a major threat to Pakistan's relations with USA and Obama rightfully played it well but in the end speaking to Log sabha(Indian Parliament) he did speak out few contradicting statements which did discourage few hopes in Pakistan like India's positive role in Afghanistan which indeed is not as positive as it was being told by President Obama.
Rehabilitation for victims of flood affected areas is another major challenge ahead of this country and the government.
The war on terror is another major issue which has to be addressed in a more structured manner as was done in swat and areas along.
India's motives have been quite evident of the fact that what can we be made go through in coming days, fundings to militant groups in Pakistan, stoppage of water flow to Pakistan, blaming Pakistan on almost everything even if a child in India gets his lollipop stolen Pakistan must be blamed!!!.
The issues related to sports specially cricket are getting out of control every day. Hearings over Salman butt and Amir's cases and Zulqurnain's acts surely need an attention forcing the governing bodies to restructure the whole board.
International pressure over different issues has also been a worry for this country. The sanctions imposed by IMF may sound scary but their implementation makes things worst as being explained by Joseph E Stiglitz.
Hence a lot is to be handled and it has to be handled right. Pakistan holds the experience of making through such extreme situations and it rightly will once the will is there ...will to change....