Friday, June 25, 2010

Pakistan's Contributions Must Be Recognized.

It has been a misery for under developing nations like Pakistan who have sacrificed a lot for critical global issues and when it was time to recognize their efforts, the world turned its back over them leaving them helpless in their own world.
Pakistan in particular has been a major victim to this cause, If we go through the global history of the past few decades we will find out how badly the position and the importance of Pakistan has been compromised by the international community which has brought nothing but hollow gaps in between the relations of the world especially the west with Pakistan.
I can put in frame various references to support my case at hand but I guess history itself is the best evidence we can have over this issue.
The war on terrorism presents a clear cut picture of what has been happening to the third world nations on the name of saving the humanity. Pakistan heavily contributed along United States Of America during the 80's but was left alone after the cold war knowing the after effects of the events which are now evident to us in the form of terrorism.
Hence after 9/11 Pakistan was again brought in a condition in which it had no choice then to fight for the whole world against the worst dilemma of the 21st century i.e Terrorism.
Pakistan yet again stood on the fore front for the world to fight against the militants and their malevolence. Not only this but Pakistan has been a major victim to this disease. Pakistan has lost 3,117 security forces members in the world's struggle against terrorism. According to the rough statistics around 30,000 casualties have been reported in Pakistan during war on terrorism and the suffering still continues.
Keeping in mind of what has been mentioned above one may find it quite astonishing it he/she sees a government leader from a country like United Kingdom claiming that Pakistan has been supporting these militants and is somehow funding them.
I believe releasing such statements will yet again start creating gaps in the bilateral relations of the west with Pakistan and will act as a demoralising agent for Pakistan in its efforts on the war against terrorism.
We have seen healthy realtions between the west and Pakistan during Musharraf's era and now we know it that its possible on the basis of common understanding.
There fore I believe that contributions made by Pakistan should be recognized equally rather then being criticized on basis of certain baseless facts given by the self proclaimed biggest economies in South Asia.

Friday, June 11, 2010

This time for AFRICA.

The FIFA world cup 2010 has finally taken a start off, and what could have one expected,this time it is not taking place in europe neither in the south or north american region, for all the football maniacs out there this time its for Africa.
The least expected South Africa is hosting this year's football world cup and being a bit critical regarding this year's venue,certain issues have arisen like small crimes, local weather and environment. As far as the crimes are concerned there have been news regarding robberies from tourist's hotel rooms, for which the government has taken certain measures. Secondly the weather around the country is quite cold which could bring in some health issues.
But yet again there are many positive aspects that lie aside by taking this year's world cup to South Africa which include lethal issues like racism and the importance of Africa in todays world.
Hence all we can hope for is another exciting world cup and this time its all for AFRICA.