Thursday, March 10, 2011

Will The American Show Ever End?

It has been more than half a century since United States Of America has been proclaiming itself a super power in spite of the fact that the country holds the largest amount of debts in the world today. The question that most of us ask is that whether there would be a transition of power? I believe yes!

The rationale that lies behind this point is quite clear. The scenario which is shaping up in the middle east is surely not what States wanted and we could possibly see a complete US wipeout from the middle east very soon. Pakistan’s stance over davis has surely astonished many but we can see it clearly that States is losing its grip. Even history supports the fact that power is not permanent, it has to be transmitted. We have seen that after the Second World War how the vastly expanded British Empire was being brought down to a confined country called United Kingdom.

The statistics clearly depict the fact that there has to be somehow Chinese involvement in most of the American projects. We also know that states has not been able to completely come out of the financial turmoil it went into in 2008, we also know how badly USA has been suffering in carrying out its operations for its war against terrorism. As being told above a sudden revolt in the middle east has surely brought the pentagon to put their minds together and work something out.

Many believe that the middle east crisis is just another American move, it can be true knowing the fact that United States made its greatest defense sales in the middle east in the past few years but again who would pay such a heavy cost in return. The condition in middle east has made one thing quite clear that Israel stands to be a loser(which US would never stand) and Iran stands to be a complete winner. Hence we can rule out the possibility of USA being involved in creating this crisis. But again there is always a roam for conspiracy theories to come into play!

To be honest the equation is not favoring USA this time around and Obama cannot be blamed as this had to come sooner or later but unfortunately for The States it has to come now and we can soon see a new super power taking over the world.

As far as America goes my only suggestion to them is” Get Yourself Ready For The Worst”!