Tuesday, September 9, 2008

President Musharraf resigns for Pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!

As you have seen that the uncertainity that was running through out the country has finally finished as Pervez Musharraf resigned as the President of Pakistan. Many of his supporters felt sorrow for him but many greeted his resignation.
On the morning of 18th August many news channels started claiming that President Musharraf will be making an address to the nation in few hours whereas his spokesman Major Gen (R) Rashid Qureshi said that the President is not going to make any address.
Just within next few hours the national anthem of Pakistan"Paksirzameen"came on and after that the President gave his speech and told the nation about the consequences the country was running through and after that he announced his resignation by saying "Pakistan Ka Allah hafiz".
The point Iam trying to make is that can we see a change in the country after the resignation of Pervez Musharraf? Can we hope to see a better Pakistan? Can we see a downfall in the rising inflation? and can we see free judiciary?
My answer would be a clear no.The reason why Iam saing this is inspite of the fact that Pakistan has to support USA in war against terror in order to stay alive and in my point of view until USA interests are here one cannot hope for betterment.
Pervez Musharraf in my point of view was the only person who was saving Pakistan from rising Indian and taliban threats. He was the person who was making his presence count.
But he resigned saying that if he would stay there will be a huge conflict between him and the new parliament.
Now as Pervez Musharraf has resigned I would say that it would be quite difficult for this awaam to get protected by these looters(PPP and PML-N)

Allah Pakistan Ka Hami-u-Nasir Ho .... Pakistan Paindabad!!!!!