Thursday, June 23, 2011


Vacations are here!!! Finally something to cheer for!

I'm already busy in preparing my long and everlasting sleep schedules and I hope you aren't going to do the same. I'll be trying to keep the "Pumpkin looking" Nawaz sharif, The "Devilish" Zardari And The " Barking " Imran Khan out of this article but who knows "Mush" might come into discussion.

So, what are your plans for this summer? Are you going out some where to promote global tourism or staying here to promote global pollution?=P.. *I know you're already cursing yourself for reading this*

"Khair" my suggestion would be that unlike me, you should go out and do something creative which you have always craved for except all that adultory stuff which can get pretty "creative" at times!

I know quite many of you are passionate photographers so just go grab your camera and get out!! Experience different faces of karachi through your camera lens!

Many of you can be into music aswell ! So what are you waiting for, grab an instrument and make something out of it and who knows I might get to see you on next year's CS(cokestudio)*Abbreviaitions are in fashion* and when I will God forbid get to see you on "CS" I'll curse myself for giving you such an advice!

Lets get on to cooking! Few of you must be into it or whatever! As if I care! The thing is learn to cook good these summers PLEASE! There are many lives at stake already...thanks to taliban & co!

Few of you would be like me who are good for nothing! "My Peeps" get your bed and pillow right and have a good sleep these vacations!

What else are vacations for?=/ Do whatever you want!

Happy Holidays Everyone!=)