Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Conspiracy Theory Or A Mere Truth?

Many would call it a conspiracy theory but I won't anymore. The issue of Raymond davis has surely brought many doubts to people's minds. I believe that this issue holds a lot more in it then it seems.
Lets put it this way, what ever has been happening related to this subject does not seem normal in any perspective. What are the core realities then?
It is being said that this issue is not being discussed in The White House or The President House Of Pakistan but is rather being discussed at The GHQ(Islamabad) and The Pentagon(States).
When we talk about Raymond Davis and his diplomatic immunity, the vienna convention and our national diplomatic laws state it very clearly that he has the diplomatic immunity but if he does then why isn't he provided with it by our government. It means something or someone is continuously pushing our government to resist the increasing American pressure day by day over releasing davis and as far as my experience goes our public is not capable of making the government resist the foreign pressure! Then who can it be? I believe it is the Pakistan Army! Most of you would be astonished... how?But quite many evidences direct towards it. Raymond davis is just not a mere diplomat. According to the reliable sources Mr Davis is an undercover agent for the American intelligence also known as CIA and he has been functioning along other under cover agents with in the country against the Talibans with the understanding of our government. If so then the government and the army should have left him so that along this issue these agreements which are being signed behind the closed doors could not have been brought up by the people but things are much more technical then they seem. There has been a major upholding to the fact that The local terrorist groups in Pakistan are being funded through the American Intelligence agency and it seems quite true as after davis got arrested there has been a certain decline in the suicide bombing rate with in the country.
Now lets prove the statement made above, it is quite obvious that when there is a certain problem in our electrical switches it is mostly because there is a certain problem with the connection or the network of wires, same has gone wrong here, the network got broken as davis got arrested and therefore there has not been any major terrorist activity with in the nation.
This is why Pakistan army is keeping a continuous pressure over the foreign ministry and the presidency for not giving out davis to America.
We have caught a big fish! rather a big DIRTY fish! We have all the good cards to play! I hope our government and other legal institutions play it right!
Pakistan Zindabad!