Friday, June 27, 2008

Pervez Musharraf at the edge!!!!!

As we have been seeing for past three or four months that how Pervez Musharraf is being pressurized by the major political parties of Pakistan to leave presidency and that is what majority of Pakistan wants that he should resign as the President of Pakistan.

But the thing I want to make clear is that political parties and the awam(common man) have different reasons.Political Parties want him to be out for taking law in his hands and throwing CJ I mean chief justice out of his job,whereas people want him out for supporting USA in "War Against Terrorism" and some want him out because of the increasing inflation which I believe cannot be controlled by anyone.

One of the things that have made me astonished is the way Sharif Brothers are behaving against the President and are making continous interference in his personal as well as his political issues which in my point of view should be equally incountered.According to the President in his auto biography "In The Line Of Fire" he said that Nawaz Sharif wanted him out as the Chief Of Army Staff in 1999 when he was the PrimeMinister of Pakistan but due to the sincere Army the act was reversed and the Sharif Brothers were being thrashed out of Pakistan.

Hence keeping the history in mind I believe that Nawaz Sharif is after Pervez Musharraf for personal reasons which are being pointed out by the TV anchors of different channels specially GEO NEWS.

The second political party that is behind Pervez Musharraf and is pretending to throw him out of President House is People's Party Parliamentarian(PPP)which is headed appearently by two people Asif Zardari and Bilawal Zardari Bhutto(Husband and Son of Benazir Bhutto).This political party is continously making statements that the President would resign in July and then they will say that sorry he will resign next year in July.

Hence this party is trying its best to keep all the parties including opposition in one shelter and I hope that they can achieve this objective.

Now The Awaam.What they want? They don't want this free judiciary, they don't want these political parties to think and discuss.They only want roti"food"two times a day inorder to live in this world.

So what I believe is that People don't want anyone out or in they just want their livelihood in order to live.

But then why many people still say that Pervez Musharraf should resign I believe that these people are right but in their perspective because if they say that why he is an ally of USA?then I would say that this is the only way Pakistan can survive and if they say about the operation in Waziristan or Lal Masjid then they have seen themselves"Laaton ke Bhoot Baaton se nahin Mante" and if they say inflation then I would say that Musharraf is not the reason,it is happening all around the world even in india the inflation has increased a record high 13%(According to BBC).
So in the end I would say that please do not waste your time in saying that he should resign and he should be elected but try your best to serve your country as this country needs you and me.We have taken alot from this country now its time to payback.

Pakistan Zindabad!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Strings With Another Smashing Hit


Pakistani Pop/Rock Strings band has finally launched another album "Koi Aane Wala Hai" which is proving to be a big hit as most of their albums have been.String basically started their career as a band in late 80's when the pop music was not that much developed in Pakistan.

Hence after releasing two good albums "String 1" and "Strings 2" they backed out of music and started working in their respected fields for which they studied.Faisal Kapadia(vocalist) continued up his family business where as Bilal Maqsood(Guitarist and composer) started working for an advertisment agency(Pyramid Productions).Strings also had few more members which were there with Faisal and Bilal in their first two albums but then did not put their careers on the line for music which was considered quite odd as a profession.

Hence in in the late 20th century Strings boomed up after a nine year gap with their new album "Duur" which was not only a big hit in Pakistan but also became a hit in India.The songs were written by the father of Bilal Maqsood and also a great TV anchor Anwar Maqsood.


This album which turned the fortune of the pop music in Pakistan also brought a big change in the pop music of India.Many songs like "Duur" itself , "Sar Kiye Pahar" and "Anjaane" were the big guns of this album.Hence this album gave Strings the start that they required for getting themselves back in pop music.

Hai Koi Hum Jaisa

After releasing their smash hit album Strings in 2003 released another album which mostly consisted of patriotic songs,numbers like "Hai Koi Hum Jaisa" and "Yeh Khel Nahin" got a great response.Hai Koi Hum Jaisa was the national song for Pakistan's cricket team and Yeh Khel nahin was a song for SAF games.Hence this allbum also supported strings alot in getting themselves back in the music industry of Pakistan.


After quite a long time strings got back with another album "Dhaani".The word Dhaani means green.This album got a great response through out the subcontinent.This album contained all the ingredients of a music.Fast tracks like "Chaaye Chaaye" and "Pal",slow soothing songs like "Bolo Bolo" in which Indian sinder Hariharan also participated.This album also contained funky songs like"Meri Soniyae"and also patriotic songs like "Meri Matii".This album was not only a big hit in the subcontinent but also became a hit in Europe and USA.A famous hollywood blockbuster "Spider Man 2" took a track from this album of strings for their title song named as "Naajane Kyun",which we should all feel proud of.Hence this album made a great influence on the pop music of Pakistan.

Hits In Bollywood

After 2005 Bollywood opened its doors for Pakistani vocalists.Many singers like Atif Aslam,Najam Sheraz,Sheraz Upal and bands like Roxen,Strings and Call went their and showed why bollywood has given them oppurtunity to sing songs in their films.

Strings has only done two numbers for bollywood films "Zinda" and "Shootout At Lokhandwala".Strings sang the title songs for both the films "Zinda" for "Zinda" and "Aakhri Alvida" for "Shootout At Lokhandwala".Both of these songs were written by Anwar Maqsood.

Hence Strings made alot of impact in bollywood in a very short time.

Koi Aanay Wala Hai

It was along time since strings had released their album but in 2008 strings came back with a great album "Koi Aane Wala Hai".The video of the title song "Koi Aane Wala Hai"is said to be the most expensive music video of even the pop industry of India.Strings has also recently announced that they will be making seven videos of the songs present in this album.Fans of strings have great hopes from their new album and strings have been able to succeed their hopes with this album.

Hence strings have represented Pakistan a great deal both on national and international level and as many say about both Faisal and Bilal that no one can tear them a part I should be saying that if they both remain together no one can tear the pop music industry of Pakistan apart.