Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Its All Happening AGAIN!!!

PAKISTAN!!! A country jolted by the miltary cue several times in its political history because our so called democratic leaders had better priorities then to serve our nation. The problem in such a scenario is that no one is innocent. When military takes over they say" It was for saving the derailing economy" where as when the political parties get hold of the reigns they just start making promises which never get to the stage of fullfilment!

What now then? The thing that scares me off at the moment is the current scenario which indeed needs some due attention. The government at present has passed its halfway mark and to be honest there has not been anything remarkable in the governance except for keeping MQM intact with the government.

When I see all this, the only question that strikes my mind is about the role of military establishment! Are they upto something this time again?? After listening to Ch.Nisar's(PML-N representative) 90 minutes address to the parliament, I believe YES! The military establishment is working onto something.

A few weeks back, Imran Khan(President, Tehreek-e-insaaf) met Gen.Retd Pervez Musharraf(President,APML) in London and they exchanged souveneirs. This sounded astonishing as we all know very well that Imran Khan stood to be a harsh critique when it came to Musharraf's policies after 9/11!

Why did this happen? I then focus myself to Nisar's address and BINGO!!!

We have seen it in the past that how political parties are being created by the support of ISI and the military establishment to resist the other political parties with in the country. Let it be MQM and PML-N during Zia's reign or PML-Q and MMA during Gen Musharraf's 9 year tenure. These acts surely made our military establishment achieve what they wanted to! Thanks to our to so called "Mastermind"Politicians!

The problem now is "Its All Happening AGAIN"!

Imran's meeting with Musharraf which now stands clear was under military influence and Nisar's statements which had all the anger and anxiety involved over the military intervention within the national politics surely gave many indications of what we can be experiencing in some while.

Pakistan Army doesn't like PPP nor Asif Ali Zardari, we all know it quite well. But we also know that Pakistan Army hates Nawaz Sharif!!( knowing how dumbfounded he can be at times). What does our military establishment seek now? The answer is "IMRAN KHAN"!

According to several credible analysts and the political scenario wih in the country this seems to be the mere possibility. Pakistan's military establishment has finally shook hands with Imran Khan and efforts are being made to give a boom to his political career and who knows maybe Musharraf joins the team too later !

The question most of you would be asking is why Imran? The answer is simple! The youth stands with him and with about 60% youth of the total population prevailing in the country, there could not have been a better option for the military extablishment then to go for Tehreek-e-insaf!

Its all Happening.....AGAIN!

Pakistan Zindabad!