Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Ladin Departs....Suffering Starts!

Osama Bin Ladin is dead! A news which surely shook everyone of us as soon as we heard of it. The news broke as The President Of The United States Of America came on live on t.v late night(American Standard Time) announcing the death of Bin Ladin in Abbottabad,Pakistan which was later being welcomed by most of the world.

It was the 2nd of May, around 1:00AM(Local time) in Pakistan when two helicopters carrying US marines soldiers landed outside a 10 canal house in Abbotabad and conducted a forty minute operation there and then left with one helicopter being destroyed. After several hours the news broke that Bin Ladin has been killed by special marine forces in Abbotabad, Pakistan and later on we got to know the details of the further casualities.

Now, the question which I have been asked by few is that was it really Bin Ladin who was killed? Or is it all a mere drama? I believe the news is correct, it was Bin Ladin. The reason why I say this is due to the fact that Al Qaeda has confirmed that Osama Bin Ladin has died today and secondly the DNA results have also matched according to the white house correspondant.

The other query which all of us are having is about the role of our government, Intelligence agencies and military establishment! What were they doing? Did Pakistani forces participate in the operation? Was there intelligence sharing in this regard? Or our whole establishment was unaware of the situation?. The answer is Yes! Our TOP government and military establishment was aware of the operation and it somehow intentionally did not jump into the operation in order to avoid retalliation from Al Qaeda militants in future which we now have seen turned out to be the dupest of moves as Al Qaeda will now focus on Pakistan as its top target instead of states, according to their new statement.

What now? Who gets what?

As far as US goes, President Obama finally has something in his bag to stand a chance to win next Presidential elections in states. Furthermore, United states will look to carry out operations in Northern Waziristan and will pressurize Pakistan to let them carry on such tasks.

What about us? I’m afraid to say this but we are trapped. On one hand Al Qaeda has announced a direct warfare against us while on the other hand we will face a definite pressure from States for letting them carry on operations on our grounds. The other situation which further worries me is the trust deficit between both the countries and the fact that India will try to take maximum out of it which we already are witnessing.

All of a sudden we are on the back foot. Pakistan has again got itself into nuisance. The only difference is that this time it can get even worse then what happened after 9/11. We will be directly confronted by quite many forces for harbouring terrorist leaders yet again and groups which US has already mentioned lately and some how we are at war again!

Pakistan nowwould wantminimum damage and this depends upon the activities which take place in Afghanistan and the credibility of the country’ leadership in coming time.

May God bless and protect Pakistan. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD

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