Sunday, July 31, 2011

"ISI" The Great!

In recent times, the intelligence agency of Pakistan also known as the ISI (Inter Services Of Intelligence) has been under a lot of critisizement by the international media mainly because of its role in the “war on terror” which by many American national conventionalists is being regarded as duplicitous.

The depiction of ISI being portrayed by the international news agencies has surely raised certain question marks over its credibility and effectiveness. The ISI’s most imperative duty in this conflict is to maintain Pakistan’s influence across the border in Afghanistan so that our so called very peaceful neighbors I mean India does not get a strong hold over Afghan region and for that purpose our intelligence agency has to support certain illegal militias in order to keep its influence alive across the border.If you regard this act erroneous then I might let you know that this is what the intelligence agencies all over the world do. ISI is trying to keep Pakistan’s influence alive in the geo-strategic politics with in this region because as long as Pakistan keeps its authority with in this constituency it will continue to exist.

If the very popular “Newyork Times” calls out at ISI blaming it for playing a double game in the region then why doesn’t it blame RA&W(Indian Intelligence Agency) for continuously trying to intervene in Afghan politics and working out deals with the Afghan Intelligence. Why doesn’t it question the ever popular CIA for hauling out proxy wars in various fractions of the world in the past including the “Cold war”? The answer might readily come up that every nation has its own national interests and the agencies have to protect them.

Why ISI then? Are we not cooperating with the American agencies, I believe it’s rather the vice versa. Pakistan’s intelligence agency has surely given more than it is expected from their side and this is what qualms the world. It was due to state’s erroneous verdicts in the late 2004 which led to their strategic defeat in Afghanistan while the west censures ISI for it.

As compatriots we all must believe in our security forces rather than accusing them and their steadfastness without any proper justifications.

Pakistan Zindabad!

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